The Superions : 'Batbaby Ep'

Quite a pleasure for me to be a part of this... presented with an opportunity and the shortest of deadlines I went down two different paths remixing this, both getting the stamp of approval. Yay!

Batbaby EP on iTunes
Watch the Official Teaser.

1. Batbaby 3:22
2. Batbaby (DJ Beekeeni Remix)* 3:07
3. Batbaby (DJ Butterface Remix)** 3:55
4. Batbaby (DJ Butterface Downtempo Remix)** 4:11
5. Batbaby (DJ Butterface vs. Phylr Remix)*** 4:45
6. Batbaby (Umpff Remix)**** 3:41
7. Batbaby (Umpff Dub Remix)**** 3:56

Fred Schneider - lyrics and vocals
Noah Brodie - keyboards and electronic drums
Dan Marshall - programming

Backing vocals by Amy Luther and Rachel McCabe

*additional remix and production by DJ Beekeeni
**additional remix and production by DJ Butterface
***additional remix and production by DJ Butterface and Phylr
****additional remix and production by Umpff (original master by Tim Harris/Headway productions)

Recorded and Mixed by The Superions
Producer: The Superions
Mastering: Bob Katz at Digital Domain
Artwork: George Doutsiopoulos

Released by: meTunes (ASCAP)/Superior Planets Publishing (BMI)/Extrastellar Music (BMI)

Be afraid... be like real afraid. The Superions, the guys who brought you such musical gems as "Fruitcake" and "Who Threw That Ham At Me" now delve into the world of the terrifying supernatural with their new single, "Batbaby"! Based on a not true story, Batbaby is a horrifying creature that terrorizes the entire world! With a driving beat and frightening lyrics, "Batbaby" is the perfect song for Halloween, or any holiday for that matter. Even April Fools Day! So lock the doors, bar the windows, hide the children and close the blood bank because "Batbaby" by The Superions is out September 13 on iTunes.

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