Much Taller Than On The Internet

Much Taller Than On The Internet was lyrics and vocal melodies written by Peter Kingsbery (from Cock Robin) on top of grooves and atmospheres played and edited by yours truly.

The 6-track mini-album was accompanied by a 27 min. film / 6 individual videos - all edited by Nowt from public domain colour-film dating from the 30's to the 60's, courtesy of Prelinger Archives.

Listen at Spotify.

27-min film:

And more videos:

The track Childhood Crush later appeared on the Cock Robin album Chinese Driver

My first encounter with Peter Kingsbery (Cock Robin) was when I remixed two tracks off his album Songs From a Bell Tower. After finishing those remixes Peter asked me if I had some tracks lying around that needed vocals and lyrics. Sure I had! That turned into the ep Much Taller Than On The Internet.


COCK ROBIN - remixes by umpff

Vocals, acoustic guitar and keyboards by Peter Kingsbery
Vocals by Anna LaCazio
Electric guitar by Yannick Chouillet
Bass, beats and cut'n'paste by Umpff

Original versions produced by Peter Kingsbery
Remix and additional production by Umpff
Mastered by Tim Harris

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