Locobrigida is my vehicle for bringing 80's-style heavy-rock-guitars together with electronic beats.

I've always loved Van Halen-ish guitars, a big fat chorus and some general craziness in music, so that's what Locobrigida is all about. Hmm well that AND having a bit of not-too-intellectually-charged fun.

Big loud drums are nice as well!

Latest release from Locobrigida was 'VS - The Mash-Up EP' - read about that one in 'Mashup - grand theft or music-cut ups?' - basically it's 4 well-known original vocal-tracks that I build new music around. Except for the guitars, played by my talented friends Carl Mörner and Timo Vuoppola, I played everything and produced and mixed. Mastering by Tim Harris.

Locobrigida isn't all mashup though. On a normal day Locobrigida is original songs, such as those in the player below - a compilation of the tracks I myself consider the best from 'The First EP' and 'The Second EP'.
Again it's Carl and Timo who play the killer-guitars. The added bonus is the vocals of Purple Pollastic and Tyll that hopefully makes these tracks more than just weird underground shit...

There's a whole lotta naive home-made Locobrigida-videos - some though with kind of a message - at Locobrigida's channel on Youtube.

Hansen writer for Danish music-mag Gaffa wrote this about 'The First EP':

At 'The NORML Show' in the big US of A they had a different (and perhaps bigger?!?) perspective on things:

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