Way back I was in a duo called Hæst. Thomas Schøn wrote the lyrics and sang, and I wrote the music and played the bass. "Tango" was recorded with special guests Laid Back - John Guldberg on guitars and Tim Stahl on keys. Uffe Winther plays the drums and Anders Ørsager sings the backing vocals. I produced, Bo Karlsson mixed and Tim Harris mastered.

Me mate Jon aka Jah Bozo made a remix back in the mid-00's and recently (2012) he edited together a video too. All photos by Jan Emil Christiansen.

We recorded the first Hæst-demo 'EP' back in the summer of 2000, with the help of our good friend Timo Vuoppola, who played drums, guitars and keys on the 5-track EP.

Flemming Agerskov plays the lovely trumpet...

The photo used in the following review of 'EP' features Timo Vuoppola, Thomas Schøn and me (sporting an ear-ring and clip-on sunglasses - how r'n'r...)

Hæst recorded with guests Laid Back, Jeppe Kjellberg, Thomas Hass, Kasper Villaume, Billy Cross, Uffe Winther, Anders Ørsager, Stine Kongsted, Jacob Thomhav and Mikael Nordmark.

Thomas Schøn and I resurfaced a couple of years after the demise of Hæst as Den Gale Hals. We wrote a couple of 'serious' fun-tracks, but so far only this track of pure childish hate is out in public.

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